July 1, 2016


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Tiny Poet is a trademark company producing, heirloom quality, handmade baby bibs that end up in Gift shops, baby stores and specialty shops.

We have over twenty years of experience in the home craft and retail industry with a well established market and a high demand for our bibs.

Our success is due to the quality handwork done by a team of producers and Tiny Poet baby bib designs.

To meet our inventory demands we are currently adding to our team of home producers to sew the baby bibs according to the Tiny Poet Bib design.

You will receive $105.00 for each unit (15) bibs you sew.

You can send in up to 5 units per week making up to $525.00 weekly.


Working at home has become increasingly popular as is the demand for quality products made in the U.S. Like many companies, rather than absorb the high cost of commercial facilities and related costs of employing a large workforce or out-sourcing outside of the U.S., we outsource the work to home workers.

This work is for the individual who desires to work independently, at home, set their own hours, working as much or as little as they wish, full time or part time, year around.

If you enjoy working with your hands or already making crafts as a hobby and would like to turn it into a source of income, or find yourself needing to bring in an extra income then this work is for you.


ONLY BASIC SEWING SKILLS are needed for making the bibs, basic hand embroidery and a sewing machine.

It takes an average of 30-45 minutes to make each bib. The time varies according to the pace and skill level at which you work.

The size of bib is 8 xlO”, made with 100 % cotton fabric with a small (1 %”) design (beginning level) hand embroidery stitched on the front. The front and back of the bib are sewn together using a sewing machine.

The bib fastener will be installed by the company. Detailed sewing instructions and diagrams are provided in the instructional packet.


THE MATERIALS USED to make the bibs are minimal only two yards of fabric are needed to make 1 unit of 15 bibs.

These materials are easily found at fabric and craft stores or can be purchased from the company.

You are reimbursed $18.75 for the cost of materials on each unit of bibs.

That is $86.35 labor plus $18.75 materials cost for atotal of $105.00 paid for each unit of 15 bibs.


TINY POET PROVIDES the designs, pattern., materials list, Step-by-step instructions, diagrams and materials to make one sample bib of their design in an INSTRUCTION PACKET. There is a one-time fee of $28.95 plus $3.05 for shipping and handling.


This fee covers the costs of the packet materials and will be reimbursed to you after you have submitted 6 units of bibs.

Quality Sells

ONCE YOU RECEIVE YOUR INSTRUCTION PACKET assemble the sample bib with the materials provided and send it in to Tiny Poet for inspection of your work. This is to make sure that the bibs are assembled correctly. Remember quality sells, You are assembling baby bibs that have to accurate enough to be commercially sold. This sample is returned to you with any corrections or adjustments to be made in your work if there are any. Then start making baby bibs, mailing them in units of 15 to the receiving department.   Units containing less than 15 will not be accepted.

* A percentage of all bib sales goes to a women’s and children’s shelter.

Download an Application and Get Started Right Away!

TO START please sign and return to Tiny Poet P.O. Box 736 Star Idaho 83669. Please make checks out to: Creative Home, LLC

Feel free to download the application by clicking on the image to the left and send us your application and fee via traditional mail.

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